Zika Virus Precautions
In light of the ongoing Zika virus transmission in various countries throughout the Americas, we urge all study abroad participants to follow the guidance issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and practice enhanced precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

While there is no immediate threat to the health and safety of our students, the Study Abroad Office is closely monitoring the situation and will post any relevant updates. Please visit the CDC's website for more information.

International Perspectives on Higher Education Program


4th Annual

USC Faculty & Staff Study Abroad Program

San Jose, Costa Rica 2016

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***Information Session for interested faculty/staff: October 21 at 11:30am, Close-Hipp Suite 453.***

Program Leaders:
Sarah Langston, Associate Director, Study Abroad Office
Dr. Jerry Mitchell, Research Associate Professor and Director, Center for Excellence for Geographic Education

Travel Dates: March 5-12, 2016
Anticipated Number of Participants: 12-16
Program cost: $1800 - includes hotel accommodation (double occupancy), in-country transportation, group excursions, breakfast daily and two additional meals, insurance and itinerary items. Airfare is not included in the cost. Applicants interested in being considered for a travel grant of up to $1000 should include a statement of financial need with their application materials.

Faculty, staff, and academic advisors are essential to helping students integrate their in-class and beyond the classroom experiences. Therefore, it is essential that USC faculty, staff and advisors have their own international experiences that they can draw from when helping students foster connections between their coursework, international experiences, and future careers.   

The International Perspectives on Higher Education professional development program will provide participants with a study abroad experience of their own in order to develop in them a deeper understanding of the value of international experiences for the students they work with. The ripple effect of their experiences also has the potential to impact the Carolina culture via their follow-on projects. You are encouraged to read about past programs that traveled to
Spain/France (2012), Italy (2014), and Ireland (2015).

The program will provide participants with: 1) the ability to observe four typical study abroad sites in Costa Rica, each with integrated intern, leadership development, and service learning opportunities; 2) the opportunity to live the student study abroad experience while participating in a faculty-led study abroad program, gaining exposure to local culture; 3) a theoretical understanding of the differences between the higher education systems of the United States and Costa Rica via a comparative, reflective approach; and 4) insight into how a faculty-led program operates "on the ground."

Follow-on Project: Following completion of this program, faculty/staff participants would be responsible for two or more of the following:

·       Exploring the process for developing a study abroad course that compliments their specific discipline or area of expertise.

·       Developing a plan, specific to their departments/offices, to encourage students to participate in study abroad and/or other global
      learning experiences.

·       Conducting a presentation(s) on their experience abroad (and the outcomes of that experience) for colleagues on campus.
      Alternatives may include writing a newsletter article, producing a short video, etc.

·       Becoming advocates for USC Connect/Global Learning/Integrative Learning/Education Abroad at USC.

·       Reflecting on their experience abroad to connect their learning beyond the classroom with their work at the University of South

·       Proposing a project that would connect their overseas experiences specifically to their departments/job functions.

Participant Eligibility Requirements: 
To be eligible to participate in the program, an applicant must:

·       Be a faculty member or staff member currently employed by USC.

·       Have received the support of their supervisor/dean/department chair, to be confirmed as part of the application

·       Submit completed application materials to the Study Abroad Office by the posted deadline

The following individuals are strongly encouraged to apply:

·       Staff and faculty who have never been outside of the U.S., or have very limited experience out of the country.

·       Faculty who may be interested in developing a Global Classroom program.

·       Staff from student affairs or academic units whose work directly supports Focus Carolina/USC Connect. 

·       Faculty from academic departments that are underrepresented in education abroad at USC (see current statistics report for
      information on departmental representation).

Should the number of applications exceed program capacity, selection of participants will be based on the applicant’s statement of interest. Masters students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program will be considered on space available basis. 

To Apply

A complete application will include: 

1) Online registration:

2) Statement of interest with confirmation of departmental support (e.g. signature of supervisor/dean/department chair). The 

 statement of interest should clearly convey the applicant’s motivations for participating in the program; their goals for the 
 program; and how participation in this program will enhance their work on campus.

3) $350 non-refundable deposit (check or money order only made payable to USC), or if being funded by his/her department, an
 intra-institutional transfer memo may be submitted.  Contact the Study Abroad Office for more details.

4) If you are interested in being considered for a travel grant of up to $1000, please include a written statement of financial need.

Items 2-4 should be submitted in hard copy to the Study Abroad Office no later than 
5:00 pm on November 1. 

Let us know if you have any problems by emailing studyabroad@sc.edu or by calling 803.777.7557.