Zika Virus Precautions
In light of the ongoing Zika virus transmission in various countries throughout the Americas, we urge all study abroad participants to follow the guidance issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and practice enhanced precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

While there is no immediate threat to the health and safety of our students, the Study Abroad Office is closely monitoring the situation and will post any relevant updates. Please visit the CDC's website for more information.

Passport Travel Grant

What is a Passport Travel Grant?

The Passport Travel Grant is a financial award of up to $2000 to be used to help fund a Maymester or summer study abroad experience.  Capstone Scholars and Honors College students are eligible to compete for this award, as are Carolina, McNair, Lieber, Hamiltion, and Horseshoe Scholars. The number of grants available varies from year to year

When can I apply for a Grant?

You must apply by the posted deadline, prior to the Maymester/summer you plan to study abroad. You can apply for the award multiple times, however you can only receive the award once. You cannot delay the award; it must be used for the Maymester/summer listed on your application.

Student Eligibility Requirements
In order to be considered for a Passport Travel Grant, an applicant must:

  • Fall into ONE of the following catagories:
    • Capstone Scholar in good standing with Capstone Scholars Program OR an approved Capstone Fellow
      • Please note that "good standing" is defined by completing all semester requirements as defined by the Capstone Scholars Program
      • Students must remain in good standing both fall and spring semesters for funds to be released.
      • Capstone Fellows must have applied and been approved for Fellow status at time of application
    • Honors College student
    • McNair, Carolina, Lieber, Hamilton, or Horseshoe Scholar
  • Be in the process of applying or have already applied to an approved Maymester/summer study abroad or Capstone Abroad program (proof of acceptance must be provided to the Study Abroad Office before funds are released)
  • Be a full time, undergraduate USC student
  • Be earning at least three credits for his/her study abroad experience
  • Be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Submit completed application materials to the Study Abroad Office by the posted deadline
  • A student may apply for a Passport Travel Grant multiple times but may only receive the award once.

Study Abroad Program Requirements

The USC study abroad website (www.studyabroad.sc.edu) lists a number of pre-approved study abroad programs. Students wishing to take part in a program or study in a country that does not appear on this list must contact the Study Abroad Office and speak with an advisor regarding program approval.  Please note that students wishing to go on a program outside of USC's pre-approved options must submit a petition and have it approved by the Study Abroad Office.  Students will have their petitions reviewed and either approved or denied in February for the summer term.

Both credit-bearing service learning and internship programs that include structured, on-site supervision also meet program requirements.

The following types of programs meet requirements for the purpose of applying for an Academic Travel Grant:

  • USC Departmental Programs
  • USC Sponsored Summer Programs
  • Study abroad programs sponsored by another university or program provider
  • Direct enrollment in a foreign institution

Independent study or independent research activities abroad do not meet the grant eligibility requirements.

Grant Disbursement

You will receive notification of your award within a few weeks of the application deadline. The actual grant funds are disbursed at the start of Summer I or Summer II, depending on your program dates. In order to access the funds, you will need to go to VIP and apply the award to your student account.

If you are taking part in a USC program, the award will be applied toward your tuition costs. Any remainder will be issued to you in the form of an overage check. If you are taking part in a Non-USC program, an overage check will be issued to you after funds have been applied to any outstanding balance you may have on your account. Make sure that the Financial Aid Office has your correct address on file. Please note that you are responsible for covering any deposits or payments due before the disbursement of the grant.

Follow On Project

Students who receive the Passport Travel Grant are expected to complete a follow-on service project upon return from study abroad.  Examples of projects may include:

  • Participating in Discovery Day by creating a poster or oral presentation about your study abroad experience.
  • Volunteering with Honors College, Capstone, or OFSP to promote international opportunities.
  • Volunteering at the Study Abroad Fair.
  • Sharing information about your international experience through other campus presentations or events.
  • Taking part in a community service project that uses your international experiences.

Students are encouraged to work with staff in Capstone, Honors, OFSP, and Study Abroad as they complete their projects.

To Apply

Following is a checklist to help you maneuver through the grant application process. Please click on the links below to access the forms required for the Passport Travel Grant Application. If you intend to study abroad during Maymester or summer, you must submit a completed application by 5:00pm on November 15th. All forms must be typed, then printed, and submitted to the Study Abroad Office. Incomplete or handwritten applications will not be considered.

Complete Passport Travel Grant Application will Include:

*First semester freshman are not required to submit an unofficial copy of their transcript